There are many popular and attractive styles of engagement rings. Rather than going with what is popular, instead choose something in a style that she currently wears.  If she is the type of girl who loves the outdoors and is into gardening or creating things with her hands opt for a low-profile ring that is not too bulky and will not catch on things as she goes about her day. Here are a few tips that may help you decide:

1. What type of jewellery does your partner wear often?

Take note of the jewellery she wears now and her current style. This will tell you if she prefers classic or modern styles. She may be the type to like bold, alternative styles and that’s OK too.

2. Ask for Input from Your Partner’s Friends & Family

The ones to ask would be your partner’s sister or best friend; they can be a lot of help and give you suggestions on what she will like. Just make sure they know it’s a secret and not to tell anyone what you’re up to.

3. Watch for Hints

Watch for little hints like comments she makes on her friend’s or acquaintances’ engagement rings. The comments she makes will give you clues as to what she would like for herself.

If she is more the soft, feminine glamour girl, then look for rings with a higher stone profile with intricate detailing or a unique style. Here are a few of the most popular styles for this type:


Cluster settings group the stones tightly together to resemble a large diamond. It may consist of a larger centre stone with smaller stones encircling around it. It can be crafted to take a certain shape, and looks good on smaller hands with dainty fingers. It also provides a lower cost option than purchasing a larger diamond. Overall, it’s a very nice engagement ring style.


Like the cluster, the halo setting refers to a halo of diamonds and other gemstones around a centre stone in a circle or squared shape. The idea is to create the illusion of a larger diamond centre stone and creates a lot of sparkle and opulence. There are many interesting shapes you can choose with this style.

This type of setting looks stylish and beautiful while providing a lower cost option, if budget is a concern. Another popular trend is to have the diamond centre stone surrounded by gemstones with a different coloured metal band such as white or rose gold for a nice contrast.

This style is often paired with pavé bands but would look just as good with any type of band. If you wanted to create a double halo setting it would consist of two concentric circles of gemstones encircling the centre diamond. The style itself is very versatile in nature.


One of our favourite settings and one that is also very popular is the solitaire because it is a timeless classic. It goes well with intricate designs as well as plainer ones.

What we like about this style is that it spotlights the diamond and puts in the best light possible. The cut and quality of the diamond is very important for the right look. The best diamond cuts for this style are; heart, round, oval, pear, or marquise. A heart-shaped solitaire would look amazing surrounded by smaller gemstones with a white or yellow gold band.


Pave engagement rings offer a slightly different look, one that glitters with sparkling diamonds covering the surface of the band. It works well with any diamond cut and gemstones as well. This is really a different style that is so creative and indulgent.

Some extra points to think about…

Can I Propose Without a Ring?

If you would rather pick out the engagement ring together you can use a temporary ring for the proposal and pick out the real one later together. Since this is such an important purchase you can do it any way that works for you. You can choose a cheaper ring for now that she can wear and replace it with the real one that you both choose.

Do I Need Engagement Ring Insurance?

You should have insurance for all of your valuables, not just your engagement ring. After all, they cost a lot of money and having them insured gives you peace of mind that if they are ever lost or stolen or damaged from fire or flood, that you can be reimbursed or replace those items in the future. Your special, custom one of a kind engagement ring is not something that you want to leave up to chance. It is better to get the insurance, even if you never use it.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you and that you’ll use the tips here when you go shopping for your special ring.