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Conflict-Free Diamonds

At Iyli Paroi, our policy is to only sell conflict-free and ethically sourced diamonds. It’s our promise to our customers that the diamonds they are buying have been mined and obtained safely and legally.

In some countries where diamonds are mined there are wars or disputes, either politically or over land or property rights. Diamonds obtained from areas in a war zone have often been handled by many people and have been used no doubt to further the insurgency. These diamonds have been sold under unique circumstances and may not have been legally obtained. As a buyer, you need to know where the product you are purchasing comes from and that it was ethically sourced. We will discuss this in further detail.

Conflict-free diamonds

Conflict-free diamonds are diamonds mined in an area with no war or political uprising. The miners were of legal age and not engaged in forced labor (slavery), there is no connection to terrorist groups, and no one was injured or killed to obtain the diamonds. When diamonds are mined properly in accordance with labor and safety regulations they are considered to be “conflict-free” diamonds. Diamonds that don’t abide by these practices are referred to as blood diamonds that originate in war-torn areas and are illegally traded for goods.

Ethically sourced diamonds

Location matters when it comes to finding the best and purest diamonds. The best places to find pure diamonds are in underground mines and riverbeds. Diamonds obtained from other sources may have been altered or changed. We want our customers to have peace of mind when it comes to where their diamonds came from. When we talk about ethically sourced diamonds we mean diamonds that came from one of the top 5 mines currently used for 99% of the world’s diamond supply. We support fair labor practices and therefore only buy from trusted sources. We offer full transparency for our customers so they know that the diamond in their engagement ring was bought legally and ethically.

When you want ethically sourced and conflict-free diamond, trust the diamond experts at Iyli Paroi.

When you buy a diamond from Iyli Paroi, you are purchasing a diamond of the highest quality that was obtained through legal and ethical means. We source our products from the same suppliers as other high-end jewellers and are assured of their purity. No matter what the occasion, a gift of diamonds from Iyli Paroi is a gift from the heart. We only sell the very best.

No matter how many hands a diamond has gone through, it is inspected for purity and quality before it is ever put on display for the customer. We have a reputation for delivering a high-quality product and will never compromise on that.

Diamond Tracking

Should you worry about fake diamonds or those from unethical sources? Absolutely not. There are methods for checking to see if a diamond is real or fake. A trained professional can tell by looking at the cut, colour, and dimensions. But more importantly, a tracking process known as the Kimberley Process was established worldwide in 2013 with the goal of reducing and preventing the sourcing of conflict or blood diamonds. It tracks the diamonds from where they were mined to where they end up to ensure they are conflict-free.

When purchasing loose diamonds or a diamond engagement ring, the jeweller should be able to tell you about your diamond and where it came from. Most will have a certificate of purity or have an engraving mark that designates where the diamond was obtained.

If a jeweller can’t or won’t tell you where a diamond comes from it is better not to buy it. As members of the Kimberley Process, Iyli Paroi only sells conflict-free and ethically sourced diamonds and will provide you with all the information regarding your diamond purchase. You’ll receive a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), with details about the stone’s cut, colour, carat, and clarity. Make sure the seller you buy from sells diamonds mined in conflict-free areas and are lab certified.

Iyli Paroi is a highly reputable name in the industry and we provide our customers with a guarantee that their purchase meets ethical and legal standards, verifying that their diamond is not a blood diamond and was mined in a place that upholds fair and ethical labour practices.

To avoid ethical issues from conflict diamonds you should only buy from reputable sources. A diamond engagement ring is an investment in your future and you want to know for a fact that it was not produced under threats of physical force or terrorism. Every time you look at it you should feel proud and confident that you made the right choice.

Zero-Tolerance for Conflict Diamonds

Iyli Paroi has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. For over 40 years, we have been one of the most trusted online sources to buy quality loose diamonds and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Please click on our diamond search and choose from our 250,000+ ethical and conflict-free diamond inventory to build your perfect engagement ring.