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Our Foundation 

Iyli Paroi has been serving the needs of its customers for over 40 years. Established in 1974 as a family business, it has been a leading source for wedding rings, engagement rings, and all other types of diamond jewellery.

We work with our customers to come up with a recommendation that will perfectly fit what they are looking for. Customers keep coming back to us because we pride ourselves on having a strong foundation and because our commitment to service is second to none.

Our Service

My father, who was an expertly skilled craftsman, opened this store in the summer of 1974. He made all of the unique pieces displayed in the store by hand.

Although we now employ a powerful CAD software system to create elaborate 3D designs, we still use many of the same techniques he used when he started. We can create any design a customer wants and the software helps speed up the process making it faster and easier.

Our Commitment to Excellence

The demand for gold and diamond jewellery is increasing, so much so that we had to expand our business out to cover Victoria Square in central Birmingham.

We continue to offer jewellery sales and jewellery design at this location with the same dedication to quality and service that we have been known for previously.

We are passionate about the work we do and about our creations. We take pride in creating a masterpiece for every customer. The materials we use are the highest quality yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.

Every diamond used in creating a piece of jewellery is certified by gemmological institutions such as the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemmological Institute (IGI). The jewellery is made in our in-house workshop and is guaranteed for being of the highest quality with a British hallmark. No matter the occasion, whether it is a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, the gift of jewellery is always appreciated. Let us create something special for your special occasion.

Meet the Team at Iyli Paroi

Ram Mittu

Ram Mittu (Founder, CEO)

United Kingdom & Europe

Bachelor of Computer Science & Masters in Strategy Management. Certified gemmologist with 5 years of hands on experience with diamonds. Proudly having 18 years of valuable knowledge in manufacturing and retailing diamond jewellery, platinum and gold alloys.

Rajesh Sharma (CEO Dubai)

Dubai & Gulf (GCC)

Bachelor of Science & MBA in International Sales and Marketing. Certified Diamond Grader from GIA with 12 years of experience in diamond jewellery sales and business development. Worked as business development manager, sales coordinator & sales supervisor in many reputable firms of International market. Has vast knowledge about diamond grading.

Václav Matějka

Václav Matějka

Procurement Head Europe

Bachelor of Marketing & Retail Logistics. Expert in retail of jewellery with over 9 years of hands on experience working for fashion brands across Europe and United States.

Support Team

Virender Sharma – Accounts Manager

Elvie Tibon – Marketing Manager

Joyce Trinidad – Administration & Marketing

Somnath Ghosh – Diamond Laboratory Supervisor

Guru Bhajan Singh – Website & Ecommerce

Global Business Associates

Raymund Jovs Carcido – Business Associate, Manilla, Phillipines

Olivia Hainsworth – Business Associate, London, United Kingdom

Aiko Fukushima – Business Associate, Tokyo, Japan

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